Announcements and Events


January 3 – 7   A is for Apple and Airplane.  As we start the new year, we will begin concentrating on learning our letters.  The children will learn to identify the letters and the sound that they make.  Each day we will write on the board any words we learn that start with that week’s corresponding letter.  We have found that this is a great way for the children to be prepared to start Kindergarten.  Although they may have done this last year as 3-year-olds, keep in mind that the kids learn through practice and repetition. 

January 10 – 14 B is for Bear and Ball.  This week we are asking that your child bring in a teddy bear that will be used for different activities over the week.  Please bring a stuffed bear that will easily fit in their lap during circle time.  It needs to be a bear since we are exploring the letter B.  If you forget or don’t have one, we will have some extra. 

January 17 -21 C is for Cat and Car.  Along with letter recognition we will also be having weekly science activities that relate back to our theme.  An example of this is C is for Cookie and we might mix up some cookie dough and make some cookies so the children get a chance to see how things change when mixed.

January 24 – 28 D is for Dog and Dad.

January 31 – 4 E is for Egg and F is for Fish.

Please keep the snow clothes in your child’s locker.  They have been doing very well at getting them on independently.  Some children may need to have multiple pairs of mittens in their locker in case the first pair gets wet, then they will have a fresh pair for the next recess.  Please label snow pants and boots with your child’s name as we often have similar pairs.


Snacks:  We have a lot of goldfish and cereal in stock.  Fresh fruit and milk are always welcome.  Other ideas are ritz crackers, cookies, and pudding cups. 


Thank you to everyone who brought gifts for the room or staff members.  It was very kind of you and the children really love having new stuff.  Hope everyone had a nice holiday season.