Announcements and Events


June 1 -4 Graduations and School.  We will begin practicing for the graduation program of those children that will be going on to Elementary school in the fall.  We will also be explaining what graduation means.

June 7 – 11, Just for Fun.  We will be learning about summer and the fun activities that we can do in the summer months. 

June 14 – 18, Fathers Day, We will be reading lots of stories about Dad’s and all the things they do with us. We will also be making something for a Father’s day gift.

June 21 – 25, Sports, We will be talking about the different sports that children can play and help them learn a little bit more about how to play. 

June 28 – July 2, Hooray for the U.S.A.  We will be learning about symbols of the United States, and about our state of Michigan.  We will also talk about the Fourth of July.

The Discovery Center will be closed on Monday, July 5th to give our staff time off for the Holiday.  If your child will be taking vacation time around the holiday please let us know in advance.  So that we also can allow our staff to take time off.

Notes: Please continue to bring in snacks for the classroom.  A gallon of milk or fresh fruit is appreciated though it is helpful if you can wash and cut the fruit as needed.  Other suggestions are juice, popcicles, crackers, cookies, and chips.

We will also no longer be taking temperature checks.  However, we still ask that you keep sick children home and you will be notified if your child becomes sick at the center.  Please let us know if your child will not be attending on a scheduled day.

Make sure that your summer schedule has been turned in and if you need to make changes you can contact the center through the HiMama app, phone or email.  (

After June 14th we will be starting some of our summer activities such as Show-n-tell, bike week and behavior stickers with prizes. The children are invited to bring in a show-n-tell toy, object, or picture once a week.  They can bring it in on whatever day they remember but only get to show once a week.  After they show their name will be put up on the board.  We ask that their show and tell be able to fit in their locker and that they don’t bring the same item each week. 

We will do bike week once each month during the summer and will do it for the entire week.  The children should bring a bike that they are able to ride on their own.  They will also need to bring a helmet to wear.  The bike can stay here at the school all week if your child is attending all week and will be put indoors at night.  We will ride on the pavement weather permitting.