About Pigeon Children's Discovery Center

Pigeon Children's Discovery Center is a non-profit community sponsored child care center providing quality early childhood educational experiences to the children in the area. The center is staffed by qualified and trained individuals knowledgeable in the developmental needs of the children in their care. The center will offer age appropriate care in a kind and sensitive manner.


The center will provide a program of daily activities that offer all children opportunities for growth in all areas of development; including physical, social, emotional, and intellectual stimulation. The preschool and toddler curriculum is based on a thematic approach which incorporates math, reading, language, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills, and is taught by degreed teachers. 

Pigeon Children's Discovery Center is licensed by the Department of Human Services and rated by the Great Starts to Quality Program and has been in operations since 1993 within the Laker School District.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

      6:30 AM - 5:30 PM


Saturday and Sundays



We are closed on the following holidays:

      Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July,

      Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thurs and Fri),

      and the week of December 24 - January 1st.

For information regarding our fees and services, please click on the link below!